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  Shadow diagrams for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and more.
  A simple tool for shadow diagrams
  Now in both manual and CAD versions
  Promotes sustainable designs
  Industry standard for 22 years
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From $99

ShadowDraw is a simple and quick tool for the accurate preparing and checking of shadow diagrams. It is an essential tool for architects and designers, town planners and building surveyors.

There is now a version of ShadowDraw for most major Australian locations; Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and more.. We also offer a custom design service for specific locations and needs.

ShadowDraw has been available for 22 years and is the acknowledged industry standard, used by every council and most architects and designers (Victoria and NSW). Its simplicity has been acknowledged by the Planning Institute Awards and support by the HIA (Victoria).

The Melbourne kit also comes with a set of six overlays that interpret the provisions of Rescode. These have just been updated to take into account Amendment VC99. These are really useful tools for planners and designers alike.
ShadowDraw kit - manual or CAD version

The key to the manual ShadowDraw kit is its simplicity - it does not require computers or calculations. The kit comes with three A4 size transparent overlays that enable the user to plot shadow diagrams for winter, summer and the equinox. The kit comes with overlays, booklet with simple instructions and other useful information.

The overlays can be used on plans of a variety of scales. It produces accurate, reliable and fast results. In addition, it provides designers with the opportunity to better appreciate the impact of building proposals, assisting in more site responsive and energy efficient outcomes.

  How does the manual version work?
  How does the CAD version work?

Manual Version

CAD Version
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